One large room open concept home design ideas

Open floor plans have become almost an absolute necessity in almost every modern home. Long gone are the days when boxed rooms had a clearly defined space of their own and their exclusive function.

Today’s buildings are more and more inclined to have rooms, smoothly and seamlessly transitioning one into another without sharp, clearly marked boundaries.

Modern interior design, of course, for this reason cannot be limited to design themes and color schemes, furniture and accessories.

It’s about managing space and making full use of it. This is what an open floor plan does with style and flaunting!

The openness of the layout does not mean that each person loses the right to a private area with his or her individual identity. Still, having the boundaries between the kitchen, living room and dining room, albeit very subtle, but quite distinguishable, made in an open floor plan makes the interior more appealing.

Therefore, we took the risk to share some tips with you, dear guests of the Design Museum! Organize your space beautifully, even without enclosing it in strict boxes like boxes.

Ways to move around the room

The best way to begin your work on your outdoor space is to make a list of the functional areas you intend to place there. This isn’t hard, especially if you have a clear idea of what you want.

Perhaps it will be a small kitchen next to a spacious dining room, with both areas served by the same fireplace. In general, work out the requirements for the space according to your needs.

After sorting out the arrangement of the areas, we will see how to take their own routes of movement in the room, where passageways and corridors create a virtual boundary, while the walls are almost not involved in this demarcation.

design ideas

Transparent partitions made of glass

The widespread use of glass in modern homes is no accident. Its transparent, shiny presence provides a visual contrast and reduces the textural dominance of stone, concrete and wood in the room.

Glass partitions and sliding glass doors are a great way to organize and divide a large room into compartments without opaque obstructions.

Because the partitions do not obstruct direct line of sight, the appeal of an open and spacious room is not lost.

The flow of natural light and the direction of view inherent in the room are not affected by the use of glass partitions, which, by the way, can easily be removed if necessary.

If you are not tempted by large transparent doors, replace them with small dividing sheets of the same material.

Using rugs and palates is another surprisingly easy way to organize an open space. In doing so, sophistication and elegance will come into your home.

And perhaps even chic. We will not dwell on such properties of rugs, as an abundance of sizes, styles, colors, patterns – about this in more detail in the area rugs are available in a variety of styles.

The affordability of such products is appealing. With their help, you can easily create a fashionable atmosphere in the room. You can even arrange a seasonal change of these accessories. For the dining room it is acceptable to pick up mats simpler, in the living room you need something that brings light and freshness.

The room in the room

The whole idea of arranging the space methodically and aesthetically is an open layout. Essentially, it’s about creating a large room out of several smaller ones.

Doing it without walls means using clear visual markers that separate one corner from another to create functional zones. A slightly raised floor in one part of the room easily creates a distinction between sections, making the transition smooth and inviting.

This approach is often used in modern homes to distinguish the kitchen, which becomes the focal point, from the rest of the room. A few touches are left to add to refine and complete the composition.

The top surface of the room can be more than just part of the roof for your residence. Suspended ceilings with built-in lighting can easily help separate a part of the common space into a separate compartment. Wooden beams at the top of the room can also contribute to this.

Recessed and theatrical lighting

It may sound trivial, but lighting is the most important feature in decorating any interior. Regardless of the quality of the decor or layout, poor lighting can create a blackout and a lack of lightness and airiness in the atmosphere.

Use a set of lights recessed evenly across the floor to create a base. Then add a few layers on other levels all the way to the top, to eliminate gaps in the light field.

A theatrical chandelier over the dining table or beautiful pendant lights illuminating the kitchen island will certainly be the key to creating an attractive look for your apartment.

Stylish shelving units

Shelving is another way to functionally divide a room into functional compartments without creating an obstacle to transition from one room to another.

A modern, stylish shelf at the dining table or an entertainment unit in the living room gives the respective areas of the room an organized and personalized look.

Make sure the shelves don’t encroach on freedom of movement and are compact enough to fit within a certain space. Since most modern kitchens use shelving, the idea of using such storage for food, utensils, etc. to delineate areas is not bad at all!

Wooden slats and drywall

Cleverly placed wooden slats that extend like elegant walls and drywall partitions with windows are an option for those who want the best of both worlds.

These additions are not as rigid as conventional walls, but they offer privacy and convenience. Both solutions are especially useful in creating a semi-enclosed kitchen in an open floor plan that shares a common theme with the adjoining area.

An open floor plan requires the formation of a single uniform background for the entire floor. Consequently, using one neutral color for the walls. But playing with the colors and patterns of pillows, upholstery furniture, tables, chairs and cabinets can highlight several color areal of the rooms in a large room. Interesting artwork and well-chosen carpets complete the creation of a lively and stylish design.

Curtains as part of the decor

Curtains and curtains also make it easy to break up the room into sections. In addition, rational placement of furniture contributes to the same goal.

By grouping pieces of furniture, you get a number of small functional islands. Do not be afraid to use sofas, small shelves or shelving units as primitive space dividers.

These ideas should help you create spaces with different types of boundaries in an open floor plan. Implementing them will make your home much more organized, neat and inviting.

Just make sure that each element of the decor looks proportionate in combination with the others. And you’ll see a cozy, modern home that combines openness with grace!