Competent design of the bathroom: tips from a professional

We asked professional designer, how to make a comfortable and beautiful recreation room from a practically service room.

1. Arrange the bathroom according to your needs.

When designing a bathroom, it is important to understand that it is a space for “ritual,” and not just a room in which to come in and out. 

It should be understood that everyone has his own habits and characteristics, and they can not be forgotten, and based on them to plan the space. For example, someone does not need a whirlpool bath that takes up half the room – then a small bowl is enough. Water is soothing, and a person should feel comfortable. 

Some people need to brush their teeth next to their loved one, so a double sink is necessary for their morning harmony. Others need a bidet, and still others need a mini shower next to the toilet. All this affects the layout and overall area.

By the way, many people do not know what you can come up with other than a shower enclosure, and in fact it can be replaced by a shower enclosure – it all depends on the needs and preferences of the person.

2. Avoid common design mistakes.

For example, do not forget about the aesthetics of design in general. When customers ask me to lay out the tiles, I say that it’s not up to me. Any employee of the store will do it, they don’t care how you live there. Create an atmosphere – that’s the main thing.

Do not forget about the lighting scenarios: in a dark bathroom you will simply be uncomfortable.

Think in advance, what do you want to store in the bathroom: only cosmetics or will there be means for washing? For everything you need to find a convenient place.

Also, compare your wishes with the height and age of the family members. Is it convenient for a child to climb into the bathroom, do not need a handrail for elderly parents, whether the husband will not hit his head on the shelf in the shower – all these things should be taken into account in the planning stage.

3. Choose your bathroom fixtures carefully.

Sanitary ware should be good brands like Dornbracht, Villeroy & Boch, Duravit, Roca… These companies do not just create toilets and sinks. They create philosophy, which clients want to live by. In addition, their sanitary ware is convenient, aesthetic and durable.

It is important to pay attention to size and dimensions: to fit everything into a small bathroom so that it seemed large and functional, and to leave enough free space in a large bathroom. 

4. Do not ignore trends.

For example, now in fashion style of the late 60’s, strict and laconic: a minimum of decor, interesting color combinations and forms, furniture in complex shades of green, carrot and even pink. The style is a bit naive and playful. All this was well represented at the Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris in January.

6 tricks for the bathroom from a designer

Everyone wants their bathroom to look as modern and have some features as possible. That’s why we turned to an interior designer for ideas and perhaps secrets

What should be in the interior of a modern bathroom? Only what makes this room comfortable and convenient for you. And it’s not even about the style of the bathroom, but about the functional content or the materials used. And about this the best thing an interior designer can tell you. That’s why we contacted Alexander Krivov to give him some valuable ideas and advice.

1. Using wood in the interior

The most popular flooring for the bathroom is tile. But nothing can replace natural wood in terms of tactile effect, environmental friendliness, comfort and beauty. Such a coating will be a pleasure to step on, with proper treatment it is not afraid of water. In addition, there will be no need to install a system of “underfloor heating”, since wood is not a cold material.

2. Defining a zone for washing

If the limited space in the apartment does not allow you to make a separate laundry room, and you do not want your machine to bother you, you can install a built-in model. And in the next cabinet hide a drawer for laundry.

3. The sink is for the dog.

Sometimes we are willing to do everything for our beloved pets. Therefore, if you have a dog in your house, a “pawwash” is a necessary thing! You can forget about the times when after a walk on snow-covered sidewalks you had to drag the dog into the tub to wash his paws and belly.

4. Shower Trap.

Instead of installing a shower tray, a floor-mounted shower drain or a drainage duct would be better. The editors of Roomble recommend the use of products brand TECE. Drainage channels are built into the floor of the bathroom so that the resulting shower enclosure or corner do not have any obstacles in the form of a curb or step. Thus the surface of the floor is immediately divided into dry and wet zones, which allows using the area of the bathroom as efficiently as possible.


5. Where to place the mirror

A small bathroom can be visually enlarged with the help of a large mirror. This is the simplest and at the same time the most effective solution for expanding the space. A full-width mirror pushes the boundaries, and what was three square meters, can turn into a long and bright corridor!

6. In-wall installations

The modern bathroom should not have any unnecessary details. Designer Alexander Krivov showed us a very interesting solution. In the partition separating the shower area, both the sewer pipe and the tank for the toilet flush-mounted toilet were hidden at the same time, and a niche with shelves for shower accessories was built into the outside.