How to set up living room with a fireplace

The hearth is central to the interior of the home. If 100 years ago the fire was necessary for survival, now the living room with a fireplace has more of a decorative function. To arrange a recreation area, you need to find the right model and location in the room. 

Interiors with a fireplace in different finishes

If there is a hearth in the room, it attracts the eyes of the incoming people. The right finish will turn the design into an original component of the interior. The design of the living room with a fireplace can be supplemented with unusual decoration or decor. 


Decorative inserts made of alder look unusual. The natural material has no heat-resistant characteristics. To clad a fireplace in the living room, it is necessary to impregnate the raw material with a flame retardant. The flame from the firebox is covered with a special screen, and the ventilation system will remove dangerous heat. 


Ceramics are not afraid of the flame, has an attractive appearance. The smooth surface of the material suits any stylistic direction. The contrast against the background of rough brick or textured plaster is effective. Variants with a pattern and mosaic will make the portal the center of the space.

Artificial stone

Finishing material is cheaper than its natural counterpart, although it has similar characteristics. In appearance, it resembles pebbles, medieval masonry or marble surface. Resistant to moisture and fire, the decor will help to dramatically transform the living room with a fireplace. 


Fireproof raw materials are suitable for decorating any style. In the skillful hands on the portal appear textured patterns, perfect smoothness or artificial dilapidation. If you choose the right color scheme, you can change the mood of the space.

Soaring fireplace

Hovering in the center of the room is a striking component that is often used when decorating a dwelling. An open living room with a panoramic fireplace creates the effect of air movement. The minimal amount of furniture does not clutter the space. Huge ceiling-to-floor windows let in a lot of light. 

A stack of

Haphazardly thrown firewood will not decorate the interior. Special cabinets for storing wood turn into an element of design. Built into the walls, niches are located in the area of the fireplace in the living room (under the hearth, on the sides of it). Forged mobile options are in harmony with the rustic style. The pile is arranged in the bar counter or under the stairs. 

With a clock

So that the wall above the portal is not empty, designers often install a TV panel. But the heat in the chimney and the soot from the flame are dangerous for appliances. You can solve the problem of free space with a clock. Huge built-in models with a decorative dial will not violate the integrity of the style concept. 

With mirror

Interior objects in the original frame fits any design direction. Mirror mosaic with large elements above the fireplace in the living room visually increases the room. The effect of continuation of the room is created. 

With candles

If there is no possibility to mount a real hearth, it is easy to replace with the original analogue. In the wall create a portal, which does not differ in appearance from the standard model. Instead of wood, candles of different diameters and heights are installed. 


Special alcohol is used as fuel in the hearth. To place a fireplace in the living room does not require approval from the BTI. Mobile versions are not tied to a certain place, so you can move to any part of the room. Desktop models are built into the furniture, and the fire line will create a mesmerizing picture of free flame. 

Stylistic design of the living room with a fireplace

The fireplace is a natural extension of the design, so it should not stand out. The structure often becomes the centerpiece, around which the design is built up. To make a living room with a fireplace look spectacular, you need to choose a style.


The time-tested direction is difficult to imagine without a hearth. A massive built-in portal occupies most of the wall, and a couple of armchairs are located nearby. Above the construction is mounted a huge mirror in a heavy frame or a painting. The surface of the structure is decorated with intricate moldings and propped by columns. Natural materials are used for decoration:

  • granite;
  • plaster
  • wood;
  • tile
  • brick.


Neoclassic is not as pretentious and pompous as the standard current. The updated style uses dosed decorations. A huge fireplace in the living room will be a striking accent of the space. The design with false columns on the sides does not violate the symmetry of the room. Here looks great as a traditional wood type, as well as a model on electricity. Above the structure, a TV panel is installed.

The design of the living room with a fireplace in the English classics is characterized by brevity and simplicity. Traditional hearths are made in the form of the letter “U”, often of the open type. The protruding portal without doors and partitions looks united with the room. The lively flames and crackling of the wood bring a sense of tranquility to the room. Red brick and wild stone are used for cladding. 


Fireplace in the interior of the living room in the chalet style – it is a natural continuation of the space and a bright element of decor. In the room looks great, a huge portal, lined with untreated stone. The version with a D-shaped chimney combines harmoniously with the TV. Zoning is easy to achieve with the model with a panoramic firebox.


The elegant Provence style uses classically shaped fireplaces for the living room. In the room looks like a portal with stucco, as well as a rustic stove. Brick, wild stone or plaster is suitable as a decor. The tiled decoration of the front of the hearth gives the room a unique charm of the French countryside. A small corner model for the sitting area can be installed in the bay window.


The fireplace in the interior of the classic country is the central element of the room. If the walls are lined with rough logs, then use a huge portal made of brick. The room, aged in neutral colors, will suit the hearth with a D-shaped chimney. For a small room, it is better to place a simple model in the form of a “P”.

Modern style

The form and placement of the fireplace depends on the concept of the designer. In a combined living room and dining room, the design in a false partition will help zoning. Variants in a transparent wall bring fantastic notes to the room.

Modern fireplace in the interior can visually fix the room. In a narrow living room, a transverse wall of glass with a false hearth at the base draws the boundary between the functional zones. The divided room does not lose its original integrity.

Modern styles love fireplaces in the space. A small model in a spiral staircase becomes an extension of the interior. A panoramic solution under glass is installed in a column. On the floor, a variant with a fire island looks great.

The fireplace is a mandatory attribute of the loft style. The combination of rough wall decoration and a large classical portal makes the interior more homely. A half partition with a burning fire will close the stairs to the second tier or the kitchen from prying eyes. A floor or suspended firebox will be a harmonious continuation of the industrial trend. 

Ethnic style

National design trends in home decoration have recognizable features. Fireplaces in living rooms in the ethnic style impose a special mood on the interior. The original design of the Japanese hearth is not like other constructions. The low model with thin wooden beams gives the room a soft, warm light. Unobtrusive natural shades do not irritate, so set the mood for relaxation. 

The interior of the living room with a fireplace in the Indian style is decorated in bright colors. Volumetric tiles with a vegetal pattern are used as finishing materials for the hearth. The portal is covered with ocher or decorative plaster. If the room is large, there is room for a solution with columns, plaster paintings and frescoes. 

Scandinavian style is difficult to imagine without a fireplace in the living room. A compact hearth in one of the corners will fit naturally into the bright room. The cylindrical firebox with a long chimney is almost invisible next to the stairs. A sleek black portal with a log niche will be a visible detail in the interior. 

Location of the fireplace in the living room

Properly installed, the hearth does not interfere with the movement of people and does not fall out of the overall concept. Sitting by the fire and passing by should not penetrate into the extraneous comfort zone. As a standard, gantry models are placed on the wall. The chimney can be either built into the partition, or protruding (D-shaped). 

According to safety rules, you need at least 20 squares for the construction. 

In urban apartments, you cannot use wood-fired models. The best solution remains electric and biofires.

In a small room, it is easy to make an imitation that does not differ in appearance from the standard portal.

If the size of the room allows, then the classic fireplace in the living room is built into a special niche on the wall. A secluded fire zone is created, in which armchairs fall. The apartment often uses an electric or bio-fireplace, so a TV is additionally placed in the grotto. A miniature mobile firebox is hidden in a recess lined with red brick. 

The classic portal can be placed in a half-partition. The structure fits harmoniously into the modern interior design of the living room with a fireplace. The design in the tone of the main background does not look alien. The hearth area can be tiled with:

  • wild stone;
  • red brick;
  • ceramic;
  • wood.

Corner fireplaces in the living room do not take up much useful space, suitable for all styles. Compact structures are installed in the bay window area. Closed-type models are safe for people, they are often used to warm up the room. If you remove the doors, the design becomes open. 

Island solutions are better placed in the center of the room. Modern fireplaces have different shapes, so they will fit harmoniously into any design. Soaring hearths look great surrounded by furniture. A stationary version with a platform and an overhanging chimney becomes a bright element of decor. Mobile types are placed in:

  • the middle of the room;
  • in the recreation area;
  • near the TV.

The panoramic model, built into the bar counter, looks spectacular. The fireplace is relevant for the living room in a modern style. Three-sided versions are located in any part of the column. A decorative horizontal half partition with an electric fireplace at the base will separate two functional zones.

The bilateral fireplace in the interior of the living room is installed in a false wall. The flame simultaneously heats both the recreation area and the dining room (kitchen). If you mount the model in a half-partition next to the sofa, then the person falls out of sight of the incoming. It creates the effect of a fire window. 

living room

    Fireplace options

    In modern design, the fireplace is an extension of the interior. Models are differentiated by location, heat emission and the fuel used. Wall-mounted options take up a lot of space in the room, so they are suitable for large rooms. Built into a partition, the portal is decorated with stone, tile or brick.

    Corner fireplace in the interior uses a minimum of free space, looks elegant in all styles. Next to it, you can place armchairs, a sofa for relaxing or organize a dining area. In a country house choose models on firewood or gas, for the apartment will do electric or on alcohol. As an external finish, any materials are used.

    The island fireplace in the living room has an unusual design. For a freestanding design, an additional safety zone is organized. Next to it, it is impossible to put furniture, and the floor is made of non-combustible raw materials. The chimney is attached to the ceiling, and under it there is a platform with the fire. In the suspended variety, the hearth is connected to the chimney, and the structure itself “floats” above the ground. 

    A modern fireplace with a panoramic firebox is often used for zoning the room. The design is mounted in a false partition, placed in the center of the living room or attached to a vertical surface. Solutions with a view from three sides are put on a podium, protected by glass. The geometric shape of the construction fits harmoniously into any avant-garde design. 

    Models of fireplaces in the style of high-tech are an unusual and memorable detail of the space. The designs belong more to the decor than to the heating devices. Bright, original options are made of glass and metal, have a geometric shape. Structures in the room:

    • built into a partition;
    • suspended above the floor;
    • located in the form of an island in the recreation area;
    • set in the open area.

    In the interior of the living room with a fireplace, false models are often used. Imitations look similar to full-fledged hearths. The electric version not only decorates, but also heats the room. During operation, the device emits the sounds of burning logs. Instead of a fire, you can use candles or a visualization on the screen. 


    Consequently, a fireplace in the living room is a bright, memorable element that brings a sense of coziness to the room. Wood-fired models are suitable only for country housing. In apartment conditions, you can install electric units and variants on biofuel. If you choose the right stylistic direction, the beauty will not interfere with functionality.