Residential roof design

If the facade is the face of the house, then the beautiful roofs of private homes and forms of their design can be seen even on the approaches to the yard. Although modern roofing materials will allow realizing any design fantasies, before deciding on the choice of a particular type of roofing design, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the nuances of design and operation of each of them. Consider in more detail the main types of beautiful roofing structures, their differences, advantages and existing disadvantages.

Gable roof

This type of roof is an example of the fact that the classic roof design is still relevant today.

This type of construction is considered the simplest, but thanks to new materials and ideas, the gable roof looks modern and spectacular.

The principle of installation of the roof has not changed since its first use.

If a homeowner needs inexpensive, but reliable and beautiful roof for a single-story house, the choice of a gable roof is considered the best solution.

The design represents two planes that can be both equal and different areas.

Based on the area, selected type of material for the roof. Due to its simplicity, this type of roofing is lightweight at high quality and resistance to weather elements. In this roof, every detail of the design has its purpose.

If you want to make a beautiful roof, you can combine a few gable roofs and get a great result

Varieties of single-pitch roofs

The roof of this type is mainly used for small buildings, but the use of large residential buildings is not excluded. Due to the simplicity in construction and device, this type of roof can be erected independently.

One of the advantages is that at its simplicity, such a roof looks modern and attractive. In fact, the roof of this type is a plane, lying at an angle to the walls of the building.

The angle varies depending on the climatic conditions of the area, as well as the landscape. With heavy snowfall, the roof provides an even load of snow over the entire area of coverage, which allows for the greatest safety.

When comparing with a gable roof, you can highlight one disadvantage – this roof will not get a comfortable attic room, but the house will be a modern beautiful roof.

A forgotten classic – a conical roof

The use of this type of roof – a direct revival of the roofing elements that have been undeservedly forgotten. The conical shape of the roof is considered an element of Russian architecture.

Unlike other types of roofs, the conical roof is a complex structure. The base of the roof is a circle, and the top is the connection point of the rafters. In addition, the conical and dome roofs are virtually the same type of roof, except for minor details.

The conical design of a private home roof has a huge and long history behind it. Most often the design was used to roof small parts of the building – towers or porches.

In modern times, such a detail of the architecture is rather rarely used for private houses. The reason for this is the high cost and complexity of installation. The reason for this is the high cost and complexity of installation.

To the same true masters, who firmly know their job in the erection of a roof, there are very few. But the presence of such a dome in a private home immediately gives the building elegance and grandeur.

The original mansard roof

The use of a mansard design will significantly increase the area of the living space. In addition, the structure will get an original design. When complying with the construction technology, the mansard roof can be performed independently, although the design of such a roof is quite complex.

The main feature of the design is that the upper part of the cover is more flat, and the side decks have a steep bevel. Due to this we achieve the creation of a full-fledged residential floor.

This significantly reduces the cost of construction, as well as reducing the load on the foundation. Such a roof gives a private house an aesthetic, original look.

In addition, such a roof must be insulated, which will improve the thermal insulation of the house. Build an attic is possible in any size and type of house – from a small country house to a huge cottage.

The variety of shapes of design allows for any type of roof – from triangular to asymmetrical broken. This roof allows you to create a very beautiful roof of single-story houses.

Mansard roof can be installed either around the entire perimeter of the building box, or a certain part of it.

Also, a mansard roof allows you to build a balcony in its design and install windows. In addition, the mansard roof can be multi-level, but it increases the complexity of construction.

Multi-pitched roof

This type of roof combines the use of multiple gable roofs in a single structure. This type of roofing is usually erected in the case when a residential building contains several extensions, on which depends on the roof design.

The roof of this type is very complicated by design, but with the proper planning and construction will give a presentable appearance to the house.

Multiclip roof is also erected in the arrangement of balconies and attics. Such roofs are built in expensive mansions. In addition, to pay the cost of such a roof can not every man.

Because of the complexity of the design, such a roof has a fairly large weight, so when designing the building envelope must consider the increased strength of the walls. By the disadvantages of such design can also include the joints of the surfaces of the various elements, so in these places may accumulate trash and snow. This can bring inconvenience in the form of constant need to clean these places. But the high ridge of the roof will create a full living floor with good insulation properties.


Half-timbered roof of a detached house

A hip roof is considered a European style. This is a great roofing option for a country house, which will give the building a stylish and modern look.

The use of practical materials will allow you to add various elements that will add elegance and practicality. In essence, a hip roof is a hipped roof.

Two end pitches are made in a triangular shape, the other two are made in the form of a trapezoid. That’s why the roof and got that name. The hipped roof boasts a variety of designs that create unique and beautiful roofs of houses. For example, a four-slope roof contains four equal in area slopes, and erected a roof with a square box.

If the living room has a porch, the hipped roof with a canopy will be an excellent solution for such a building. For maximum optimization of space under the roof, you can perform asymmetrical hip roof. The design allows the hip roof to build a cover that will be very resistant to snow loads and strong winds.

Engaged in the design and construction of such a roof should only train professionals, since the design requires precise and complex volume calculations.

Combined roof

This type of roof is probably the most complex by design. As a rule, such a roof combines elements of structures of different types.

Thanks to such a non-standard approach, residential house gets an unusual, unique look. A dwelling with a combined roof may have both covered balconies, a sufficient number of windows, porches, both open and closed.

And of course, the erection of such a roof – a very complex task. The cost of roofing is very significant, and the constant need for maintenance can cause inconvenience.

But the result of the installation of the roof will be comfortable added living space, as well as amazingly beautiful, reliable and unique roof in a private home. In addition, for the neighbors, a combination roof will provide a beautiful view from the roof.


As a result, we can say with certainty that the erection of a beautiful roof in a private home is quite possible, regardless of the chosen type of roof. Definitely to this element of the design should treat most responsibly.

Proper and professional approach to the planning and construction of the roof for the house as a result will present a beautiful modern roof, even if the selected type of roof will be the simplest. The construction of the roof will not tolerate lax attitude at any stage of creation, because even a minor miscalculation can nullify all the efforts and money spent.