What is the difference between residential design and commercial design

Harmony between interior and exterior is the main goal that designers and architects strive to achieve in their work, regardless of whether the project is private or public. The combination of materials, decor and colors, style, creating a pleasing atmosphere – all these are the fundamental components of a successful project. Ideally, the interior design of private and public spaces should be carried out by a person who can creatively approach his work.  What are the similarities and differences in the design of private and public interiors – this is not a difficult question.

Private interior design involves, first of all, implementing all the wishes of the customer. When working designer must be able to generate ideas for different types of style solutions, as before the customer should be familiar with the various options for design, which can be used, improving and supplementing already in the process. Every detail of the room design is important.

The main difference between design of public and private premises is that the requirements of functionality and ergonomics come to the fore. It is extremely important to choose the main design concept and optimal planning of zones in the interiors of public buildings, be it an entertainment center, store, cafe or restaurant. It must be understood that the style and concept of design is a competitive parameter.

Thus, in the first place should be carried out by a qualified designer, who will not only be able to competently work out the plan, finish and furnishings, but also will proceed from what differences and similarities characterize the interior design of private and public premises.

Home interior design

The dream of every man is a house with such an environment that will create comfort and warmth, a house in which it is always pleasant to return. Home interior design can tell a lot about the person, his activities, hobbies and inner world. So, starting to work on the creation of a home interior, answer the question “what is my life, who I am, what I like to do? Home interior design includes a harmonious selection of decorative and color gamma, lighting features, furniture, space planning, and much more.

Residential Interior Design

The fundamental idea in creating a residential interior design is the desire of the customer. Styles abound: from baroque to hi-tech, but the priority is the requirement that people feel comfortable and pleasant. Residential interior design should be full functionally, and it is also important to make optimal use of interior space. It should be noted that a professionally made design residential interior design can save up to 20% of money during the repair.


Interior design of apartments

Make a matter of pride of his own handmade interior design of apartments – the dream of every owner. But in fact it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Thought-out architectural solutions, choice of materials, the scheme of the design project – is work that qualitatively and competently can perform only a specialist in architectural design. Interior design apartments – a job for professionals, but their taste, style and design preferences of the customer can show, discussing the project with the designer.

Design of private interiors

Life philosophy and uniqueness of your personality will find its expression in a high-quality interior design. Private interior design – is the sum of such important qualities as comfort, beauty, functionality, as well as the original idea. Safety, optimum organization of space, consistency of lifestyle of each member of your family, functionality – the principles without which a competent private interior design is impossible.

Interior design of rooms

Interior design is rarely without the principles of zoning. New creative solutions help to harmonize the environment and divide the environment into functional and semantic zones. A variety of finishing materials, furniture, screens, partitions, and podiums can be used to zoning the space. Effective organization of space – a principle without which the interior design of the premises can not be considered performed professionally.

Design public interiors

Creating a certain image of a public space – a store, an entertainment center or a beauty salon – is a requirement that the design of public interiors must necessarily take into account. A large part of human life takes place inside a wide variety of buildings, which is why the skill of giving aesthetic fullness and creating a favorable aura of space is so important. Functionality and ergonomics of space are also important components, without which high-quality design of public interiors is impossible.

Interior design project office

Interior design office design starts with planning, without which the project office is not feasible. At this stage there is the formation of the concept of the designer on further work, as well as study of the space organization, style direction, size of space and information about the customer. When the point of view of the designer is formed, he proceeds directly to work. Interior design office includes work on lighting, and over texture and color, which allows a fully thought-out project to determine the office.

Office Design

The days of dull and identical offices are a thing of the past. Today, companies whose priority is long-term and quality work, strive to create a creative and original office design that will set their company apart from others. Office interior should correspond to the status of the company, and meet the requirements of comfort, ergonomics and aesthetic appeal. The company’s image and the attitude of the business partners and guests to the company are formed from the first seconds of being in the office.

Office design projects

Office design projects are designed to create a favorable impression among visitors, guests and business partners. And to realize these goals is not enough to equip the room with modern furniture and to make high-quality repairs. Design projects of offices should be developed comprehensively, to meet the requirements of functionality and aesthetics, and express a single conceptual idea. Both the corporate culture of the company and the direction of business should be taken into account, as well as cutting-edge trends and the way of interacting with visitors, and the zoning of the room is mandatory.